Gaited Dressage: A Course of Ground Rails

Gaited horse jumping

By Jennifer Klitzke

Gift of Freedom, my 8-year-old Tennessee walking horse and I are preparing for our first stadium class at the next schooling show (over ground rails, mind you.) In preparation for the show, I googled the Internet for a basic stadium course that I set up at home with ground rails.


Yes, jumping over a course over rails even improves our gaited dressage! The course pictured above helps me work on bending, rhythm, balance, and communication with my horse. Since we have been dabbling with jumping, Makana’s canter has improved and consequently, her flat walk has improved. She has more of a true three-beat canter and her stride has increased at a flat walk.

I’m telling you, this jumping stuff is so fun whether you have a gaited horse or one that trots. Give it a try and you can’t help but smile! (And let me know how it goes.)