Naturally gaited dressage duo, Jennfer Klitzke and TWH Gift of Freedom, receive an award and grant from The United States Humane Society “Now, That’s a Walking Horse” Program recognizing correct training of horse and rider without the use of artificial enhancements or aggressive shoeing techniques while focusing on the gymnastic development as a way to improve and establish the gaits of the Walking horse and through volunteer efforts to “spread the word” by sharing the good news about the natural Walking horse to the trotting as well as to gaited enthusiasts who have seen the limitless potential in the breed in new ways.

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Jennifer KlitzkeIf you’re on this naturally gaited dressage journey like I am or if you’d like to share your story about how you became interested in applying dressage with your naturally gaited horse, I’d love to hear from you.

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Jennifer Klitzke

Dressage is more than trot and the saddle you ride in!

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