Gaited horse over jumps

Gymnastic Jumping

Improving movement of the naturally gaited horse using gymnastic jumping and ground rails.

Gymnastic jumping and ground rails have transformed my naturally gaited Tennessee walking horse’s lateral and four-beat canter into a truer three beat canter.

The trick to jumping is to never scare them

The Trick to Jumping

Fearless, carefree and adventurous. I’ve always aspired to be an event rider, yet fear has held me back. Reflecting on the last four years with Makana, my Walking Horse mare, I’m beginning to see how our experiences have prepared us for reaching this aspiration. We’ve trailered to numerous shows and clinics, ridden through several state parks, the gaited trail trials, and now we’re learning how to jump. more»

gaited horse over fences

Forwardness is not an Option

A lesson on gaining forwardnesss over jumps and cavalettis and redirecting the attention of a distracted horse.

Course of Rails at Rocking R

Gaited Dressage: A Course of Ground Rails

Gift of Freedom, my 8-year-old Tennessee walking horse and I are preparing for our first stadium class at the next schooling show (over ground rails, mind you.) In preparation for the show, I googled the Internet for a basic stadium course that I set up at home with ground rails. more»

Video: Gaited horse over a course of ground rails


Video: Cantering an L-shape


Raised cavaletti helps improve range of motion.


Gymnastic Jumping

Gymnastic jumping with bounces of two or more jumps in a row with no canter strides in between.

Video: Starting a Gaited Horse over Jumps


Fences spaced a canter stride length apart have helped improve my Walking horse’s leap in the canter.


Dressage is more than trot and the saddle you ride in!

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